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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Tomorrow im going to be baptized. Baptism is the outward showing of your faith. In my short life (so far) i havent shown my faith to others. I think its time. So tomorrow I shall show others my faith.

I have been asked many times by my grandfather if he could baptize me i always said no. I was scared that i would have to say something in front of people. What a stupid reason not to be baptized!

Four years ago in January, my grandpa died. I wish he was here so i could let him baptize me. He would enjoy that and so would i.

Yeah... so thats pretty much all i need to say then.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Concert

Every year (near the end of the school year) my school holds a spring concert. This concert is for the middle school band and choir and the elementary band and choir. We have to be at school at least fifteen minutes before the concert starts. Once at school you have to go to your assigned "homeroom" which is most likely the band/choir room.

This year the boys/young men (I'm one of them, the young men) had to wear ties. I wore a very black tie that had colorful swirls on it. One person wore a looney toon tie (they were playing football on his tie). Everyone was wearing white. I was wearing black. (guess how much I stuck out)

We sang like little angels (and one big angel. that being the 6'2" me.) out there. We sang for our parents. They enjoyed the songs very much (they clapped for a while). I got tired. (and hot. there wasnt much air circulation.) But all in all I had an enjoyable evening.

Summer is coming up. I am very happy about that. that means i get to rest my voice for next years spring concert. :)

My Testimony

During family prayer time in 1997 I gave my life to Christ. I don't really know the facts surrounding that moment. I just know now that Jesus Christ is my personal saviour. He died to save me (of all people). He died to save everyone (yes He even died to save you)!

I have changed in many ways after becoming a Christian. I have changed in how I treat people. I changed in how I act in different circumstances (i.e. from acting really immature around adults to acting adult-like around adults). I changed in many other ways.

I am planning on going on a missions trip to Ecuador in the spring of 2011. I enjoyed volunteering at a hospital in the Summer of 2009. I have changed in not wanting to volunteer to do anything to wanting to volunteer in many different ways.

Another way that I changed is how I view God. I used to pray because it was what everyone was doing. Now I pray because it is what I should do. I pray and thank God for the good things that happen. I pray that God would heal people that I love. In many ways He has done that. One way I can share is my grandpa was sick for two years. I prayed many times that God would heal my grandpa so he wouldn't hurt anymore. God answered my prayer with a yes. God saved my grandpa from the pain by taking him to live with God in Heaven. I was sad at first, but then I realized that him being in Heaven was a good thing (it was his time).

God has worked in my life in many ways. And even though I changed in many ways, I still have to work on those every day. (i.e. even though I act adult-like around adults i still need to work on being more mature around many different age groups. Especially around those in my age group.)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

First post! :l

So... this is it, my first post ever! I have never blogged before. My dad isn't too excited. My mom is though. I was first introduced into blogging by one of my friends.

Well... a few facts about me for you to read if you want.
1. My dad is from England and my mom is from South Dakota. So I guess that makes me Engla-Dakotan.
2. I have played soccer for 9 years.
3. I am wanting to move to Wisconsin once I grow older and have a family. Or once I go to college.
4. I am fourteen and still don't have a cell phone. I am getting one soon though so I'm not that worried.