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Monday, April 26, 2010

My Testimony

During family prayer time in 1997 I gave my life to Christ. I don't really know the facts surrounding that moment. I just know now that Jesus Christ is my personal saviour. He died to save me (of all people). He died to save everyone (yes He even died to save you)!

I have changed in many ways after becoming a Christian. I have changed in how I treat people. I changed in how I act in different circumstances (i.e. from acting really immature around adults to acting adult-like around adults). I changed in many other ways.

I am planning on going on a missions trip to Ecuador in the spring of 2011. I enjoyed volunteering at a hospital in the Summer of 2009. I have changed in not wanting to volunteer to do anything to wanting to volunteer in many different ways.

Another way that I changed is how I view God. I used to pray because it was what everyone was doing. Now I pray because it is what I should do. I pray and thank God for the good things that happen. I pray that God would heal people that I love. In many ways He has done that. One way I can share is my grandpa was sick for two years. I prayed many times that God would heal my grandpa so he wouldn't hurt anymore. God answered my prayer with a yes. God saved my grandpa from the pain by taking him to live with God in Heaven. I was sad at first, but then I realized that him being in Heaven was a good thing (it was his time).

God has worked in my life in many ways. And even though I changed in many ways, I still have to work on those every day. (i.e. even though I act adult-like around adults i still need to work on being more mature around many different age groups. Especially around those in my age group.)

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