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Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Concert

Every year (near the end of the school year) my school holds a spring concert. This concert is for the middle school band and choir and the elementary band and choir. We have to be at school at least fifteen minutes before the concert starts. Once at school you have to go to your assigned "homeroom" which is most likely the band/choir room.

This year the boys/young men (I'm one of them, the young men) had to wear ties. I wore a very black tie that had colorful swirls on it. One person wore a looney toon tie (they were playing football on his tie). Everyone was wearing white. I was wearing black. (guess how much I stuck out)

We sang like little angels (and one big angel. that being the 6'2" me.) out there. We sang for our parents. They enjoyed the songs very much (they clapped for a while). I got tired. (and hot. there wasnt much air circulation.) But all in all I had an enjoyable evening.

Summer is coming up. I am very happy about that. that means i get to rest my voice for next years spring concert. :)

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